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If your looking for expertise, you’ve come to the right place.

   We don’t generally brag. This is one time when we do.

Thoughtful, Careful, Intelligent Installations.

Cascadian was founded on the idea of sustainable practices that, in the field, have a larger impact on our region as a whole. Exceeding industry best practices ensures that our work last for decades to come. Since our founding we continuing to lead the industry through iterative, progressive techniques that start well before our team arrives on site.

Coupled with our educational and consultative efforts, we continue to be a key technical resource for numerous Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. Addressing issues in stormwater management, interlocking paver design, sub base specification, overburden and pedestal paver methods.

What We Do


Permeable Pavers

Storm-water management solutions that excel in a variety of applications. 


Interlocking Pavers

Industry leading results that can withstand the toughest traffic patterns.


Pedestal Pavers

Elevated systems that provide unique solutions for today’s architectural goals.

How We Do It


Excellence, in craftsmanship

successful installation goes beyond the finished surface. It needs to be flawlessly executed from start to finish, lasting decades of serviceable life. Your clients expect quality we work, we deliver on it.


Materials, Methods and Results

Legal and compliant whilst flawlessly delivering your project. Our crews control dust, manage slurry, and see that every piece of scrap is recycled. Performing to highest standards. Meeting required functions.


Partnerships that are built to last

Construction sites can be ordered chaos, and at times managing them can be exhausting. We strive to empower project managers with timely solutions, and visability into our process.

Largest Project To Date

Leading Contractors and Developers Use Cascadian

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